Branch Bundler Features
Branch Bundler tm is securely packaged. Included: Instructions, Ball of Twine, Knife Blades, Fasteners.
Branch Bundler Feature High Impact
Branch Bundler Feature Easy Storage
Branch Bundler Feature Tough
Branch Bundler Feature Convenient Storage
Branch Bundler Feature Assembly
Branch Bundler Feature Replacement twine and blades
Branch Bundler Feature Easy replacement
Branch Bundler Feature Retractable
Branch Bundler Feature Biodegradeable Twine
Branch Bundler Feature Odd Jobs
Can be hung on a wall bracket or stood upright
on its base for easy storage
Tough Reinforced UV Fiberglass Tubes.
Extend 66" to easily bundle larger piles of cuttings.
Twine Housing, Twist Lock and Skid are bright red to easily locate.
Convenient storage with twine and knife blades installed and ready for use.
Biodegradeable twine rotates on a spool in the Twine Housing (twine
housing can also use a "center pull" roll of twine without spool). There it is
kept dry to prevent deterioration.
Unit can be retracted to 46" for smaller bundling (such as cuttings from tomato plants,
stalks and vines).
Handy for any of those odd jobs that need to be bundled with twine.
Black reinforced fiberglass telescoping tubes.
Comes either pre-assembled on product card with clear security
packaging for display or boxed and ready for mailing.
Replacement twine and utility knife blades (or carpet knife blades)
are available in the hardware section of retail stores.
Knife blades are easily fastened to skid, twine loaded and fed
through guide holes. Branch Bundler tm is ready to use!
Quality & Design Features!

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Branch Bundler Feature extendable
Branch Bundler Feature Bright Red
Branch Bundler
Twine Housing, Twist Lock and Skid are made of High Impact UV Plastic
Bundles of Branches tied with Branch Bundler
Branch Bundler Saves Costly Yard Waste Bags
Branch Bundler under branches
Branch Bundler is
pushed under a pile of
branches ready to be

Row of bundled
branches ready for
waste hauler.

Bundling branches
saves $$ by reducing the
number of costly yard
waste bags needed.